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Your online resource for South & Southwest Florida rentals, boat rentals and cruises. Our site offers attractive listings with digital color photos, animated graphics and concise descriptions of a host of exciting locations!

Vacationhit is a travel agency, internet marketing and booking company which allows us to seek and receive the best discounted rates from home and villa owners and operators. We in turn pass on these saving to you the customer. We are in business since 1997 and we are renting over 100 vacation rentals in SW Florida.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question or special request. Our Florida location ensures that we can constantly monitor the quality of the homes and condos we represent in Florida. Over the last few years we have taken excellent care of the many number of guests who have fallen in love with Florida and have used our company to book their vacation, honeymoons, weddings and business meetings. Check here the reviews for our properties. We are confident that if you rent one of our home or condo that you will have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation or accommodation experience. We hope you find the perfect retreat for your family and friends, and look forward to seeing you in paradise!

Our web pages: www.vacationhit.com - Vacation Rentals Cape Coral Florida

www.vacationhit.net - Vacation Rentals all Florida

www.cruisehits.com - Cruise the world with Cruisehits and save up to 75%

www.yachtchartersflorida.net - Boat Rentals and Tours

www.dogvacationflorida.com - Pet friendly Vacation Rentals

www.lastminuterentalsusa.com - Last Minute Rentals

www.vacationhit.de - German Vacation Rental site

www.capecoralvacation.info - Cape Holiday Rentals

www.flighthits.net - Book your flights with us

www.vacationrentals.bz - Belize Vacation Rentals

www.floridahouse.eu - Link site

www.vacationhit.org - Search for Travel

www.xy-gesucht.com - Vacation Search

www.vacationhit.eu - German Cruise site


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Mo - Sat 9am - 5pm ET 
Email: vacationhit@vacationhit.com
Phone: (239) 945- 7999
Fax: (239 ) 945-7126

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